Sharin Sazeh Consulting Engineers



Sharin sazeh consulting engineers has been registered in Tehran Notary Public (no 317145) since 2008 and the subject of our company is describing in below:

Design and consulting in definition, commercial and technical expansion of phase 1 &2 of preparing drawings, construction documents and supervision of excellent constructions in following subjects:


• Repair, Restoration, Rehabilitation and Retrofitting of existing structures including buildings, bridges, lifelines …

• Design of structures, Water and Wastewater structures, Civil, Architecture and Urban Design, Industrial Factories …

• Construction Management

• Use of new material and methods of Constructions


Also this company has got certification of consultancy from Office of Technical Affairs of Iranian Management and Planning Organization and ISO9001:2008 from WQA under licence of UKAS and stablished project management office under PMBOK standard.



Contact Information

Aprt 4, No 52 of Kabkanian st. Zartosht Ave.

Tehran, Iran

Postal Code: 1415693385

Tel: +98 21 88998278 & +98 21 88998279

Fax: +98 21 88959853

Email: &

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تهران، خیابان زرتشت غربی، خیابان کبکانیان، پلاک 52، واحد4 کد پستی: 1415693386

Phone: +98 21 88998278  Fax: +98 21 88959853  Emails: info@sharin.ir , sharinsazeh@gmail.com


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